Shenmin – A great product for restoring natural hair colour

A few years ago, I came across a super product in a local chemist shop. It is called Shenmin but its main ingredient is also known as He Shou Wu or simply Shou wu, an Asian complimentary remedy. Anyway, the leaflet in the chemist gave information about the product’s amazing hair growing properties, however it cost about £15-£20 for the bottle and I had to think about it. After reading the leaflet a few more times I thought I would give it a go and bought a few bottles. (You can see the old Shen min leaflet below, I think I have had it for over 12 years now.)
Restoring your natural hair colour

Well, in order to see the amazing hair growth, you would have to use this product for a good while, but after a few weeks I couldn’t believe it when the roots of my natural hair colour started growing out. I had dyed my hair jet black, so the natural colour, which is dark brown was very obvious at the roots (I have an old picture I took in 2004/2005 with the roots showing and it is quite obvious). I had bought the product for the amazing hair growth properties not to restore the natural colour. This product restores your natural hair colour and apparently in Asia it is used to restore the natural hair colour for hair that has turned grey, and apparently the herbs used in Shen min are good for reversing grey hair.

Help for a receding hairline

I met a woman about three years ago who had a badly receding hair line and the traction alopecia (hair loss) was quite bad due to various hairstyles she had been wearing over the years. We talked at length and I told her about Shenmin, the hair product I had tried with the main ingredient being He Shou wu or Shou wu. We went to a Chinese herbal/alternative remedies shop and bought some Shou wu. Of course, I stressed the importance of drinking a lot of water while taking this herbal remedy. I hadn’t seen the woman for about 6 months and she had been wearing a wig for some time and the next time I saw her she had her hair in a little ponytail loosely swept back, but her hairline was growing back quite nicely and she was smiling and happy and she had not worn her wig for a while, something she had not done in years.

Well, this product is excellent for restoring gray hair to its natural colour, and it is excellent for alopecia. Of course results may vary from person to person, but this is what we observed.

Final note: It’s always a good idea to do your own research and reading regarding natural remedies etc and also seek the advice of a medical professional, particularly if you already suffering from any health problems.

Update 8 March 2009
I was reading an article in a newspaper recently about the causes of greying hair and some new research which has come to light, I found it quite interesting. Another thing that I also found quite interesting is the fact that there are products already on the market to reverse greying hair such as the Shenmin above.