Clairol Lock’n Roll Heated Hair Rollers for Bouncy Curls and Waves in minutes

Some time ago, I bought the Clairol Lock n Roll heated hair rollers. I was looking for some hair rods called Papillotten, which I used to use as a teenager, but came across the Clairol heated rollers online. I had heard of them some years ago and decided to give them a try.

The Clairol heated hair curlers come in an enclosed box-like unit or case with a transparent lid. There are a total of 24 curlers, which consist of 20 large green rollers or curlers and 4 smaller red ones, which you can use for hairs at the front hairline or for shorter hairs at the nape of your neck. They remind me of those little ice cream glasses and have a soft stretchy jelly-like feeling, quite similar to jelly sweets, in my opinion.

Clairol Lock n Roll Hair Curlers Open

Clairol Lock n Roll Hair Curlers folded over

Clairol Application of Curlers to the hair

They take about 20-30 minutes to fully heat up, but if you are in a rush, you can start using the curlers after about 7 minutes, at which point they are ready to wind around blow dried or air-dried hair. It doesn’t take much effort to use them and they easily wind around the hair and then you just turn the curlers inside out and it stays in place. You can leave the curlers in the hair for about 5-10 minutes or longer if you are not in a hurry. To remove the curlers, you just lift the curlers back into their original position, unwind it from the hair and the curls or waves are set in place. They are extremely easy to use and give even the flattest hair some body and lift. After using them a number of times, I noticed that they help to totally eliminate frizz on the ends of my hair, so I personally think they are great. Also, as you are not using direct heat on the hair, your will not feel dry or damaged.

Clairol Lock n Roll Curlers in case

The only downside to using these curlers is that if you are in a major rush, as I am sometimes, then a curling tong is probably faster if you want some extremely quick curls, but overall I think this is a really great invention for the hair for soft bouncy curls.