Afro Hair and Beauty Show May 2009 Feedback

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On Sunday 24th May and Monday 25th May 2009 Afro Hair and Beauty Show Live 2009 was held at the scenic and lush surroundings of Alexandra Palace in Wood Green. It proved to be an exciting event although it was not as busy as I remembered it to be. I attended on Bank Holiday Monday, this was a two-day event.

I have been going to this show with my friends for a number of years now, so I would consider myself a veteran of this show as I have learned about new products and hair in general from attending the show over the years and I have been swamped with lots of samples and freebies too. Looking back, the best show was the very first show I attended. We had about 6 bags each full of products, drinks and other goodies.Just from a free sample of skin care or hair care a person can become a valued customer for years to come, so I think these are so important.
There was a deep interest, well it appeared to me, in the natural products such as shea butter, cocoa butter, natural handmade soaps and creams, these stands were attracting a number of ladies and gents who were flocking to try the products or buy.
There were also a number of natural and organic juices and I certainly bought some organic carrot juice, which I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking.
There were fashion shows on one end showcasing the latest fashion designers and there were hair shows, dancers and makeovers on the opposite end.
Sensationnel hair weaves and wigs had a massive stand featuring with two models having their hair done at the show with the hair extensions. This hair is so versatile it can be used by all races. I was talking to two Asian girls, one Chinese and the other Indian and I was surprised to see that they wanted to try out hair extensions. The Sensationnel hair is versatile for all races and you can buy a number of textures and colours to suit your hair type or the look that you are trying to achieve.

Sensationnel weaves and wigs

A number of health and NHS exhibitors were at the show such as Diabetes UK and I collected a free DVD, which tells you about Understanding and managing diabetes within the African Caribbean Community. The Sickle Cell Society were there informing people about the Antenatal and Newborn Screening Programmes for Sickle cell and Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell in general as well as the NHS Black Organ Donation, encouraging people to donate their organs to the organ donation register. This reminded me that I have to re-join. I used to have a donor card when I was 13 but my mother hit the roof, understandably…LOL. At least I am now old enough to decide if I want to have a donor card. I guess we do not really appreciate the importance of organ donation until someone we know needs them.


Understanding and Managing Diabetes
within the African Caribbean Community DVD Cover
Join the NHS Organ Donor Register
Dark and Lovely product samples and wristbands were being given out and I was given quite a collection. The Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2009 was sponsored by SoftSheen Carson.
Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Olive Oil
I stopped by a stand selling a number of Vitale products by AFAM Concepts and I received a number of samples and goodies along with a purchase of their hair oil. Some of the samples I received can be seen below and on the packaging of the Vitale olive oil leave-in conditioner, a liquid leave-in relieves itching, stimulates growth, nourishes hair and scalp and protects the hair from damage. This is all stated on the packaging. This is a liquid leave-in hair product and could be used to blow dry the hair, wrap or roller set the hair.
Vitale Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner
James White Farm Pressed Fruit Juices Organic Carrot Juice

I bought the James White Farm Pressed Fruit Juices Organic Carrot Juice at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show and I have been enjoying it very much. It is an organic carrot juice drink with 99% organically grown carrot juice and 1% lemon juice. It is organically certified by the Soil Association and is pesticide free.

A refreshing glass of the carrot juice

At the stand where I purchased the carrot juice, I was also able to have a taste of their hibiscus juice, which was extremely nice.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap

Although I have a hair steamer, I wanted to try out the Aphrodite conditioning cap to see if it is any good. This is an excellent product to take away with you if you are travelling or on the go or if you do not have much space for a hooded dryer or hair steamer. I can see it being a really good item for a mobile hairdresser to use to treat their client’s hair as well.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap
The Aphrodite conditioning cap cost £30 at the show, although it may cost more or less in the hair shops.
Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap

There were also a variety ofmagazines going for heavily discounted prices including back issues of Black Hair Magazine, Black Beauty and Hair Magazine as well as Colures Magazine and Hairstyles Only Magazine. I also bought a book about hair growth by Elizabeth Vincent.
Thanks to Black Hair Magazine, I had a bagful of samples to try including some full size eye and lipliners.
BlackHair Magazine Featuring Tyra Banks
and free organic root stimulator sample
I bought a few issues of Black Beauty and Hair Magazine. This Magazine is usually packed full of ideas for hairstyles and I have about 100+ copies of this magazine from when I was a teenager. You could say I was a fan of this magazine. The publishers of this magazine also organise the Afro Hair and Beauty Show.
Black Beauty and Hair Magazine
with Bridal Supplement
Black Hair and Beauty Magazine with
foundation course make-up supplement
Colures Magazine appears to be a new fashion and style magazine, although I have never actually come across it before I attended the show. It is quite a big magazine with lots to read inside.

Colures Magazine

Colures Magazine featuring Jamelia

Hairstyles only magazine is packed full of pages and pages of the latest hairstyles and colour ideas.

Hairstyles only magazine
More free hair and skincare samples
from the show
Here are some pictures from the afro hair show…
Vitale products and live hair styling at the show
Visitors at the show gathering round
to watch one of the fashion shows
Models getting their hair weaved at the Sensationnel stand
One of the stands at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show
I bought some of the Mashooq hair products. They have a really good hair oil that I first tried at one of the Afro Hair and Beauty Shows a number of years ago. The Mashooq deep penetrating oil treatment is excellent for steaming the hair and it will not leave your hair greasy. Mashooq deep penetrating oil treatment consists of palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, which will leave your hair feeling very soft.
Dry and Straw like hair?
Video demo of Mashooq deep penetrating hair oil on dyed hair
Since I can guarantee that the oil is good having first used it about 14 years ago when I first visited the Afro Hair and Beauty show, I wanted to try some of their other products, so I bought some shampoo and conditioner to see if they are any good. The staff on the stand told me that they do mail order from their website when I asked them where I can buy their products once I have run out. They had a special deal at the show, three 100 ml products for £10, a saving of £3.25.

Mashooq hair products

MASHOOQ Hair products 25% Discount Code: MSHQPRIMA
Mashooq, natural hair oil treatment for bleached, coloured or dry and damaged hair

Youtube Video: How to use Caruso Steam Rollers for the Hair

This blog post is a combination of a review and a video on how to use the Caruso Steam Rollers to curl the hair and my experiences of using the curlers in my hair.

If you are not familiar with the Caruso steam rollers, they are rollers or hair curlers, which use water and steam to create curls in the hair in a few minutes. The Caruso steam rollers can be used by people of all races and on all hair types or textures.

I bought my Caruso Steam Rollers about a year ago and the first time I used them, unfortunately, my hair didn’t come out the way I expected it to. this could have been as a result of the hair being too damp when I initially tried them or possibly because I used too much hair, who knows.

Anyway, yesterday, while trawling through Youtube and watching a few videos, I decided to look up ‘caruso steam rollers’ and came across this very interesting and informative video on how to use the Caruso steam roller system, so I thought I would post it here. I have watched the video a few times and will be trying my Caruso steam rollers again soon courtesy of this Youtube poster, yasjencon. You can watch the video, which is a little further down in the post.

They can be used for hair that has been straightened, I have tried using them on my relaxed hair with new growth and it came out very bouncy and curly, however, I had to use a curling tong or flat iron for my roots as I had new growth.

I ordered my Caruso Steam Rollers online from the USA after unsuccesfully trying to look for them in the UK before I bought them, they are sold mainly in the USA and mine came with a two pin plug, so I had to buy a two pin plug adapter in order to be able to use it here, but that was not a major problem as you can also buy these online. I have added pictures below.

As the Caruso molecular system uses water, I would recommend using distilled water in order to stop it from getting ruined with tap water, which contains calcium and will ruin the steamer.

My Caruso Steam Curlers

(It came with a two pin plug from America, you can always buy a two pin plug adapter US to UK, which converts the plug to a three pin – This particular model can be used on foreign currents, so I did not have to worry about buying a voltage converter)

Caruso Molecular Steamer
(You add the water at the back – distilled water is best so the steamer will not get furred up with calcium and ruined – can you see the calcium marks at the front? The first time I used it I put tap water inside because I did not have any distilled water. You can buy distilled water from the petrol station, it’s quite cheap)

Youtube video: How to use Caruso Steam Rollers for your Hair
Video by yasjencon
Update – 26 July 2008
I used my steam rollers last week as I wanted to give my hair a break from my curling tong (I use my curling tongs nearly everyday) and they worked quite well, the only thing is, I couldn’t find my end papers (I haven’t used them in years, so I don’t know where they are), the top of my hair came out really nice and smooth with bouncy curls, but the ends were all frizzed up in some areas, my hair does not usually frizz on the ends, so if you have relaxed hair etc, I would certainly recommend using those end papers. I also noticed that the areas where I put some oil moisturiser, in this case Keracare oil moisturiser with jojoba oil, there was no frizz, although I did not put it all over because I thought it would stop the hair from curling. It actually helped to keep the hair nice and shiny and not greasy in the areas where I applied it, the areas that had no moisturiser applied came out a little frizzy.

After taking the curlers out of my hair, it felt damp, but surprisingly it stayed curly, I was quite impressed. I will be using them from time to time.

You can get a little booklet looking pack of end papers for around 99p if you are UK based.