Aphrodite hair conditioning cap review

I  bought the Aphrodite Hair conditioning cap at the Afro Hair and Beauty show about a week ago. I tried it out for the first time yesterday.
After inspecting the cap, it is more of a bonnet and you would put it over your head after you first put on a plastic cap to cover your hair. It has a plug and needs to be plugged to the mains. It then has a hand operated switch that you can use to switch the conditioning cap on or off. There is a little instruction booklet and guarantee slip inside the box.
I would say that the hair conditioning cap is pretty easy to use. It has 3 heat settings.
The first time you use it it takes a little while to get going and I was sitting for some time waiting for it to heat up. It does get very warm, but in comparison to my hair steamer I would say that it does not get very hot.
However, it does heat up enough to deep condition the hair allowing the hair to be conditioned and treated especially if your hair is dry, brittle or damaged.

Once you have applied your hair conditioning treatment or oil to your hair you would cover it with a plastic shower cap or carrier bag if you do not have a shower cap, then you would put the conditioning cap over this. The Aphrodite conditioning cap is more of a bonnet and sits over your head easily. You also have a drawstring type cord hanging down around your neck and chin area which you can adjust in order to tighten the cap around your head.

On the box it says that the Aphrodite hair conditioning cap….
  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Ideal for semi permanent hair colours
  • Speeds up perms
  • Great for treatments & conditioners
  • Ideal for all hair types
There is a control or thermostat-like device which has a little adjustable disc on the side which can be used to change the heat settings to 1, 2 or 3.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap
Once you switch it on, it does not make any noises or sounds, so the only way you can tell that it is working is by looking at the hand control device which illuminates with a red light once you have turned the little disc on the side, additionally it heats up eventually and is very quiet compared to a hair dryer or steamer.
It does not automatically switch itself off because it does not have a timer that you can set as a steamer or standing hairdryer does, but once you sit under it for about 15-25 minutes, this should be sufficient time for the conditioner to have penetrated the hair.
The Aphrodite hair conditioning cap is an excellent item for mobile hairdressers or it is a handy little pouch to take away with you when travelling for hair conditioning while you are away.

How is a heat conditioning cap different from a hair steamer?

A hair steamer uses moisture to hydrate the hair but a heat conditioning cap just allows the hair to soak whatever conditioners are applied to the hair by adding heat to the hair, which in turns opens up the cuticles or the hair shaft to allow the hair conditioner to enter the hair in order to make it softer, more manageable and less frizzy and dry.

I would say that the conditioning cap is a good item for heat conditioning your hair and is worth the £30 that I paid for it, however, I do not know how long it will last.