Homemade Egg Treatment Conditioning Hair Mask

A few days ago I made a homemade conditioner for damaged hair. This mask is made mostly with raw eggs and is an excellent conditioning and strengthening hair mask. Eggs are high in protein and will give your hair a nice strengthening protein conditioning, particularly if your hair is breaking. I remember we used to buy Dop shampoo, which contained eggs back in the 1980’s, which strengthened the hair.
I have a box of raw eggs in the fridge, however, they have been in the fridge for some time now and I know that these are no longer worth eating as I boiled a few and unfortunately, they came out quite rubbery and funny looking. So, instead of throwing the rest away, I decided to use them to make a homemade egg hair treatment for hair conditioning as I don’t like wasting food.

You can use this hair treatment either wet or dry. This is the wet method, but you can apply the mixture to the hair and leave it to dry as well. This is a strengthening protein hair mask treatment.

Alongside the eggs, you will also need to use a very moisturising conditioner as the protein can give a drying effect on the hair, particularly if you have dry hair, however, it is a great conditioner for breaking hair and also for oily hair if you want to decrease the greasy feeling on your hair. My hair is mainly dry, so I always look for moisturising products to keep it moisturised as well as nice and soft.

What ingredients will you need for the egg hair treatment recipe?

  • 1, 2 or 3 eggs (dependent on how much hair you have)
  • A dash of olive oil or two tablespoonful, you can also use coconut oil
  • Dash of your favourite moisturising hair conditioners
Beat or whisk the eggs until smooth, add some olive oil/coconut oil to the mixture and whisk it to make it smooth. You can mix the eggs with your favourite conditioner or add the egg to the hair and then squeeze on some of your hair conditioners afterwards. I mixed some moisturisingconditioners in a separate container afterwards and worked it all into the hair after applying all the egg mixture to the hair. I say moisturising because once you apply the protein to your hair, it will be very strong once dry, but it may feel a little dry as well, so you will need a good moisturising conditioner in order to put the moisture back into your hair.


Cover your hair with a plastic cap. I suggest two plastic caps as the egg mixture is runny to help lessen the chances of the egg mixture running down your face and neck. If you don’t have any plastic shower caps, you can use a plastic carrier bag as a makeshift cap and just tie it in a knot at the forehead or nape of your neck


Sit under a warm dryer or use your Aphrodite conditioning cap (This is what I used) on setting number 2 for about 30 minutes. The Aphrodite conditioning cap has 3 heat settings.

Do not use a hot dryer as the eggs will cook in your hair and this can be very difficult to get out of your hair.


Once you have finished conditioning the hair, rinse thoroughly to ensure that all the egg residue in the hair has been removed. Your hair should feel soft to the touch. Eggs also give the hair a nice healthy shine.


You can proceed to style the hair as normal, e.g. blow dry and wrap, roller set and wrap, blow dry and then flat iron etc, but ensure that your hair is well moisturised as the protein in the egg can leave your hair feeling dry in the morning.

Other similar homemade hair treatments you can try

You can make a honey and egg hair treatment, mayonnaise and egg hair treatment or avocado and egg hair mask. You can try these other homemade hair masks or use a combination of these ingredients.

Mayonnaise, honey, olive oil and avocado are well known for their moisturising properties in haircare. Avocado is especially rich and moisturising, you can use a combination of these on the face and body as well, for example avocado is very rich and moisturising for dry skin and egg white is great for firming the skin.

I know that some people like to use natural products, so these are just a few tips.