Geographic Tongue — Top 10 Causes and Cures

Chances are, you won’t have heard of geographic tongue,
although you may have experienced this distressing
condition without ever giving it a name. Figures of exactly
how many people are affected by geographic tongue vary.
According to the authoritative review study concluded in
1992 –called “Incidence of tongue diseases based on
epidemiologic studies” by Drs. Dombi and Czeglédy,
geographic tongue affects around 3 percent of adults
worldwide. The incidence in the US is the same.

Source – how to get rid of geographic tongue

Homemade Egg Treatment Conditioning Hair Mask

A few days ago I made a homemade conditioner for damaged hair. This mask is made mostly with raw eggs and is an excellent conditioning and strengthening hair mask. Eggs are high in protein and will give your hair a nice strengthening protein conditioning, particularly if your hair is breaking. I remember we used to buy Dop shampoo, which contained eggs back in the 1980’s, which strengthened the hair.
I have a box of raw eggs in the fridge, however, they have been in the fridge for some time now and I know that these are no longer worth eating as I boiled a few and unfortunately, they came out quite rubbery and funny looking. So, instead of throwing the rest away, I decided to use them to make a homemade egg hair treatment for hair conditioning as I don’t like wasting food.

You can use this hair treatment either wet or dry. This is the wet method, but you can apply the mixture to the hair and leave it to dry as well. This is a strengthening protein hair mask treatment.

Alongside the eggs, you will also need to use a very moisturising conditioner as the protein can give a drying effect on the hair, particularly if you have dry hair, however, it is a great conditioner for breaking hair and also for oily hair if you want to decrease the greasy feeling on your hair. My hair is mainly dry, so I always look for moisturising products to keep it moisturised as well as nice and soft.

What ingredients will you need for the egg hair treatment recipe?

  • 1, 2 or 3 eggs (dependent on how much hair you have)
  • A dash of olive oil or two tablespoonful, you can also use coconut oil
  • Dash of your favourite moisturising hair conditioners
Beat or whisk the eggs until smooth, add some olive oil/coconut oil to the mixture and whisk it to make it smooth. You can mix the eggs with your favourite conditioner or add the egg to the hair and then squeeze on some of your hair conditioners afterwards. I mixed some moisturisingconditioners in a separate container afterwards and worked it all into the hair after applying all the egg mixture to the hair. I say moisturising because once you apply the protein to your hair, it will be very strong once dry, but it may feel a little dry as well, so you will need a good moisturising conditioner in order to put the moisture back into your hair.


Cover your hair with a plastic cap. I suggest two plastic caps as the egg mixture is runny to help lessen the chances of the egg mixture running down your face and neck. If you don’t have any plastic shower caps, you can use a plastic carrier bag as a makeshift cap and just tie it in a knot at the forehead or nape of your neck


Sit under a warm dryer or use your Aphrodite conditioning cap (This is what I used) on setting number 2 for about 30 minutes. The Aphrodite conditioning cap has 3 heat settings.

Do not use a hot dryer as the eggs will cook in your hair and this can be very difficult to get out of your hair.


Once you have finished conditioning the hair, rinse thoroughly to ensure that all the egg residue in the hair has been removed. Your hair should feel soft to the touch. Eggs also give the hair a nice healthy shine.


You can proceed to style the hair as normal, e.g. blow dry and wrap, roller set and wrap, blow dry and then flat iron etc, but ensure that your hair is well moisturised as the protein in the egg can leave your hair feeling dry in the morning.

Other similar homemade hair treatments you can try

You can make a honey and egg hair treatment, mayonnaise and egg hair treatment or avocado and egg hair mask. You can try these other homemade hair masks or use a combination of these ingredients.

Mayonnaise, honey, olive oil and avocado are well known for their moisturising properties in haircare. Avocado is especially rich and moisturising, you can use a combination of these on the face and body as well, for example avocado is very rich and moisturising for dry skin and egg white is great for firming the skin.

I know that some people like to use natural products, so these are just a few tips.

Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence

Update October 2010: The Mary Kay Timewise even complexion essence is a product I used for about two years. I think I first started using it in 2007. It worked well while I was using it, haven’t used it in about a year. Unfortunately, I got fed up of not being able to buy these products in a shop, among other things that I am generally dissatisfied with concerning that company.

The Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence according to the packaging is designed to “visibly correct skin’s imperfections, reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone.”

After using this product for the first time today, there are white flakes all over my face. I suppose this signifies that I have some dead skin on my face, so it appears to be working. I will use it everyday but not in the morning as the packaging states. I have washed my face once again and reapplied the Timewise Even Complexion Essence and I can still see some light flaking but not as prominent as the first application. I will be using it at night and hopefully it works. I currently have an area of hyperpigmentation on my forehead so I’ll report back on any improvements. This product is designed for dry to oily skin, so all skin types. 1 fl oz/29ml size.

Update: 29 December 2007

Throughout the summer I used this skin care product to avoid uneven and blotchy skin, sometimes I get uneven skintone on the left side of my forehead. You can use the Mary Kay Timewise Complexion Essence under a moisturiser in the day time or under your moisturiser at night after you have cleansed or washed your face.

Initially, my skin was flaking very badly and I was using it only at night time. Once the flaking had subsided, I started to use it in the day time under my moisturiser.

This product evens out your skin tone, so if you have discolouration or uneven or two-toned skin, this product will help to smooth your skin, even out your complexion and make it more radiant. It is not a skin bleaching or skin whitening product.

How do you apply the Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence?

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Use a Toner
  3. Apply Even Complexion Essence
  4. Apply your normal moisturiser (I have oily skin so I use the Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion over it or I just use the Even Complexion Essence by itself)

In the summertime, I was using it with the oil control lotion and then applying foundation and powder over it, only once the flaking had stopped, of course.

My skin did not react in the sun, I was using the Even Complexion Essence both morning and night, once the initial flaking had stopped.

Computer Keyboard Hygiene – Tips to keep it clean and germ-free

Take a close look at your computer keyboard and you’ll probably find it surprising to see that the keyboard is covered with dust, a few biscuit crumbs and other foods stuck in between the keys as well as other stains stuck on the keyboard.
Not only do we eat over our computer keyboards, but we also cough, sneeze, comb and brush our hair near it too. Also, remember that hands can harbour bacteria, therefore, if you use your computer keyboard without washing your hands, bacteria can be transferred in this way. Then you have bacteria that is naturally floating around in the air….

So, it’s not surprising that computer keyboards are teaming with bacteria that can make us ill.

Keeping your keyboard clean and germ-free

It’s actually quite easy to clean up your keyboard, and a few of the handy and cheap things (well, when I say cheap, these are things that we usually have around the house) you can use to keep your computer keyboard clean are cotton bud/swabs, a Vacuum cleaner/Hoover, some rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit, which you can buy at any chemist or supermarket.

  • Use the small brush or hose attachments supplied with your vacuum cleaner/Hoover to suck out any dust or food crumbs that have become lodged under and between the keyboard keys.
  • Using the cotton swabs and a little of the spirit or rubbing alcohol, which you can buy from a chemist or pharmacy to clean between the keys of the keyboard. The spirit or alcohol will help to disinfect your keyboard, keeping it not only looking clean and new, but germ-free as well.
Rubbing alcohol with wintergreen
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Other suggestions that have been made for cleaning computer keyboards are canned air, I have seen these and some have disinfectant incorporated in them to kill bacteria and viruses lurking on your keyboard. It is also good for blowing out any crumbs, food, dust and other ‘gremlins’ hiding under your computer keyboard.

Effective Hand Washing Techniques for Good Hygiene

A good method of effective infection control is to wash the hands regularly. The spread of bacteria and germs such as Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile and other pathogens, as well as fungi and viruses can be greatly reduced through simple and effective hand washing techniques.
You can view an original PDF document of effective handwashing techniques here) showing you how to wash your hands effectively with soap and water or a liquid hand wash. You can also use an alcohol hand rub or antibacterial hand gel, sanitiser or antibacterial wipes if you find that you are in an area where there is no water, but ideally, hand washing with soap or a liquid hand wash is the best defence to stop the spread of bacteria.

You can view the original PDF above print it out and stick it on the wall in the bathroom or toilet, so that people know the correct method to use when washing their hands in order to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Stop! Help Fight Infection

Important points to note:

  • When you come in from outside, head straight for the bathroom/toilet and wash your hands, especially before eating anything. Your hands and fingers can pick up bacteria from a number of surfaces that you touch and come into contact with throughout the day.
  • Before making yourself or anybody else something to eat, wash your hands to avoid  and reduce the spread of bacteria, this will also help to prevent food poisoning and food borne illnesses caused by bacteria such Escherichia coli or E. coli as witnessed in some countries in recent months.


Poster by NHS: Please wash your hands with soap and water
(Click on picture to enlarge)
  • When you use the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or liquid hand wash before leaving, regardless of whether you did a number one, two or three!
  • If you have long fingernails, do not forget to spend some extra seconds using a nail brush to scrub under your fingernails as dirt can lodge under long nails. Don’t forget to wash your nail brush, as bacteria can grow on it also.
  • Simply rinsing your hands with water is not enough to disinfect your hands, use soap or preferably liquid hand soap or hand wash as this will effectively help to rid your hands of grease, grime,  dirt and bacteria.


Poster by NHS: Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – Stop Germs Spreading
(Click on picture to enlarge)


  • When working in a catering/food related environment, do not touch your face or hair and wear clean disposable powder-free gloves if they are available when preparing or handling food, otherwise thoroughly wash your hands and underneath your nails before you begin.
  • When preparing food take off your rings as these can harbour bacteria.
  • When preparing or handling food, do not handle money as it can harbour bacteria, which can contaminate the food and defeats your objectives of keeping bacteria at bay.
  • Pay particular attention to the pads of the fingers or fingertips when washing hands, as these come into contact with a number of contaminated surfaces several times in a day and can be easily missed when washing the hands quickly.
  • If you have cloth towels in your bathroom/toilet at home, wash them regularly to avoid the spread of bacterial infections, viruses and diseases through them.
Below you will find some videos from YouTube showing you good hand washing techniques. They highlight the correct hand washing techniques to use when washing your hands or using an antibacterial hand sanitiser or alcohol hand rub.

I like the first video because it discusses the various ways in which your hands can become infected and also discusses the correct way to use hand sanitiser or alcohol hand rub to disinfect your hands in great detail.


Good hand washing technique for hand washing with soap and water and hand sanitising using alcohol based sanitiser products


Swine Flu Prevention: How to wash your hands correctly

Slightly off topic

In one of the articles on my green issues blog, I mention my ideal home scenario in an article entitled Green Architecture and Renewable Energy Buildings, An Ideal Home Scenario and in both videos you will notice phenomenal waste of water. This is where an infra red tap would come in handy as it switches itself off and you do not have to touch it or come into direct contact with the tap or toilet flush, this takes away the need to use a tissue to close the tap and prevents you having to re-infect the hands you just meticulously washed.
A volunteer I met in the toilet demonstrating handwashing with an
infra-red tap at the ExceL Centre Docklands London

Update 1st June 2009

I was at Guy’s hospital a few days ago and when I went to the toilet (which is very nice by the way), in each cubicle there is an infra-red tap and infra-red toilet flush. So I took a picture of one of the taps. I can’t remember if the liquid hand soap was automatic though, but these taps do promote good hygiene, so does the automatic toilet flush because you do not have to touch them.

Infra-red tap at Guy’s Hospital NHS Trust
(Promoting good infection control)
Infrared toilet flush
(Pass your hand over or in front of it to flush the loo)
Another infrared tap at my old gym
(Promoting good hand hygiene)

Aphrodite hair conditioning cap review

I  bought the Aphrodite Hair conditioning cap at the Afro Hair and Beauty show about a week ago. I tried it out for the first time yesterday.
After inspecting the cap, it is more of a bonnet and you would put it over your head after you first put on a plastic cap to cover your hair. It has a plug and needs to be plugged to the mains. It then has a hand operated switch that you can use to switch the conditioning cap on or off. There is a little instruction booklet and guarantee slip inside the box.
I would say that the hair conditioning cap is pretty easy to use. It has 3 heat settings.
The first time you use it it takes a little while to get going and I was sitting for some time waiting for it to heat up. It does get very warm, but in comparison to my hair steamer I would say that it does not get very hot.
However, it does heat up enough to deep condition the hair allowing the hair to be conditioned and treated especially if your hair is dry, brittle or damaged.

Once you have applied your hair conditioning treatment or oil to your hair you would cover it with a plastic shower cap or carrier bag if you do not have a shower cap, then you would put the conditioning cap over this. The Aphrodite conditioning cap is more of a bonnet and sits over your head easily. You also have a drawstring type cord hanging down around your neck and chin area which you can adjust in order to tighten the cap around your head.

On the box it says that the Aphrodite hair conditioning cap….
  • Stimulates the scalp
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Ideal for semi permanent hair colours
  • Speeds up perms
  • Great for treatments & conditioners
  • Ideal for all hair types
There is a control or thermostat-like device which has a little adjustable disc on the side which can be used to change the heat settings to 1, 2 or 3.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap
Once you switch it on, it does not make any noises or sounds, so the only way you can tell that it is working is by looking at the hand control device which illuminates with a red light once you have turned the little disc on the side, additionally it heats up eventually and is very quiet compared to a hair dryer or steamer.
It does not automatically switch itself off because it does not have a timer that you can set as a steamer or standing hairdryer does, but once you sit under it for about 15-25 minutes, this should be sufficient time for the conditioner to have penetrated the hair.
The Aphrodite hair conditioning cap is an excellent item for mobile hairdressers or it is a handy little pouch to take away with you when travelling for hair conditioning while you are away.

How is a heat conditioning cap different from a hair steamer?

A hair steamer uses moisture to hydrate the hair but a heat conditioning cap just allows the hair to soak whatever conditioners are applied to the hair by adding heat to the hair, which in turns opens up the cuticles or the hair shaft to allow the hair conditioner to enter the hair in order to make it softer, more manageable and less frizzy and dry.

I would say that the conditioning cap is a good item for heat conditioning your hair and is worth the £30 that I paid for it, however, I do not know how long it will last.

Afro Hair and Beauty Show May 2009 Feedback

I have deleted many of my original pictures on this post due to some kind of image corruption and misuse of my pictures and images. I may re-upload them at a later date, when I have some time to do so.

By the way, I look nothing like the girl/woman in this picture, and that is not me.

Anyway, enjoy reading the post….

On Sunday 24th May and Monday 25th May 2009 Afro Hair and Beauty Show Live 2009 was held at the scenic and lush surroundings of Alexandra Palace in Wood Green. It proved to be an exciting event although it was not as busy as I remembered it to be. I attended on Bank Holiday Monday, this was a two-day event.

I have been going to this show with my friends for a number of years now, so I would consider myself a veteran of this show as I have learned about new products and hair in general from attending the show over the years and I have been swamped with lots of samples and freebies too. Looking back, the best show was the very first show I attended. We had about 6 bags each full of products, drinks and other goodies.Just from a free sample of skin care or hair care a person can become a valued customer for years to come, so I think these are so important.
There was a deep interest, well it appeared to me, in the natural products such as shea butter, cocoa butter, natural handmade soaps and creams, these stands were attracting a number of ladies and gents who were flocking to try the products or buy.
There were also a number of natural and organic juices and I certainly bought some organic carrot juice, which I have thoroughly enjoyed drinking.
There were fashion shows on one end showcasing the latest fashion designers and there were hair shows, dancers and makeovers on the opposite end.
Sensationnel hair weaves and wigs had a massive stand featuring with two models having their hair done at the show with the hair extensions. This hair is so versatile it can be used by all races. I was talking to two Asian girls, one Chinese and the other Indian and I was surprised to see that they wanted to try out hair extensions. The Sensationnel hair is versatile for all races and you can buy a number of textures and colours to suit your hair type or the look that you are trying to achieve.

Sensationnel weaves and wigs

A number of health and NHS exhibitors were at the show such as Diabetes UK and I collected a free DVD, which tells you about Understanding and managing diabetes within the African Caribbean Community. The Sickle Cell Society were there informing people about the Antenatal and Newborn Screening Programmes for Sickle cell and Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell in general as well as the NHS Black Organ Donation, encouraging people to donate their organs to the organ donation register. This reminded me that I have to re-join. I used to have a donor card when I was 13 but my mother hit the roof, understandably…LOL. At least I am now old enough to decide if I want to have a donor card. I guess we do not really appreciate the importance of organ donation until someone we know needs them.


Understanding and Managing Diabetes
within the African Caribbean Community DVD Cover
Join the NHS Organ Donor Register
Dark and Lovely product samples and wristbands were being given out and I was given quite a collection. The Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2009 was sponsored by SoftSheen Carson.
Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Olive Oil
I stopped by a stand selling a number of Vitale products by AFAM Concepts and I received a number of samples and goodies along with a purchase of their hair oil. Some of the samples I received can be seen below and on the packaging of the Vitale olive oil leave-in conditioner, a liquid leave-in relieves itching, stimulates growth, nourishes hair and scalp and protects the hair from damage. This is all stated on the packaging. This is a liquid leave-in hair product and could be used to blow dry the hair, wrap or roller set the hair.
Vitale Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner
James White Farm Pressed Fruit Juices Organic Carrot Juice

I bought the James White Farm Pressed Fruit Juices Organic Carrot Juice at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show and I have been enjoying it very much. It is an organic carrot juice drink with 99% organically grown carrot juice and 1% lemon juice. It is organically certified by the Soil Association and is pesticide free.

A refreshing glass of the carrot juice

At the stand where I purchased the carrot juice, I was also able to have a taste of their hibiscus juice, which was extremely nice.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap

Although I have a hair steamer, I wanted to try out the Aphrodite conditioning cap to see if it is any good. This is an excellent product to take away with you if you are travelling or on the go or if you do not have much space for a hooded dryer or hair steamer. I can see it being a really good item for a mobile hairdresser to use to treat their client’s hair as well.

Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap
The Aphrodite conditioning cap cost £30 at the show, although it may cost more or less in the hair shops.
Aphrodite Hair Conditioning Cap

There were also a variety ofmagazines going for heavily discounted prices including back issues of Black Hair Magazine, Black Beauty and Hair Magazine as well as Colures Magazine and Hairstyles Only Magazine. I also bought a book about hair growth by Elizabeth Vincent.
Thanks to Black Hair Magazine, I had a bagful of samples to try including some full size eye and lipliners.
BlackHair Magazine Featuring Tyra Banks
and free organic root stimulator sample
I bought a few issues of Black Beauty and Hair Magazine. This Magazine is usually packed full of ideas for hairstyles and I have about 100+ copies of this magazine from when I was a teenager. You could say I was a fan of this magazine. The publishers of this magazine also organise the Afro Hair and Beauty Show.
Black Beauty and Hair Magazine
with Bridal Supplement
Black Hair and Beauty Magazine with
foundation course make-up supplement
Colures Magazine appears to be a new fashion and style magazine, although I have never actually come across it before I attended the show. It is quite a big magazine with lots to read inside.

Colures Magazine

Colures Magazine featuring Jamelia

Hairstyles only magazine is packed full of pages and pages of the latest hairstyles and colour ideas.

Hairstyles only magazine
More free hair and skincare samples
from the show
Here are some pictures from the afro hair show…
Vitale products and live hair styling at the show
Visitors at the show gathering round
to watch one of the fashion shows
Models getting their hair weaved at the Sensationnel stand
One of the stands at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show
I bought some of the Mashooq hair products. They have a really good hair oil that I first tried at one of the Afro Hair and Beauty Shows a number of years ago. The Mashooq deep penetrating oil treatment is excellent for steaming the hair and it will not leave your hair greasy. Mashooq deep penetrating oil treatment consists of palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, which will leave your hair feeling very soft.
Dry and Straw like hair?
Video demo of Mashooq deep penetrating hair oil on dyed hair
Since I can guarantee that the oil is good having first used it about 14 years ago when I first visited the Afro Hair and Beauty show, I wanted to try some of their other products, so I bought some shampoo and conditioner to see if they are any good. The staff on the stand told me that they do mail order from their website when I asked them where I can buy their products once I have run out. They had a special deal at the show, three 100 ml products for £10, a saving of £3.25.

Mashooq hair products

MASHOOQ Hair products 25% Discount Code: MSHQPRIMA
Mashooq, natural hair oil treatment for bleached, coloured or dry and damaged hair

Youtube Video: How to use Caruso Steam Rollers for the Hair

This blog post is a combination of a review and a video on how to use the Caruso Steam Rollers to curl the hair and my experiences of using the curlers in my hair.

If you are not familiar with the Caruso steam rollers, they are rollers or hair curlers, which use water and steam to create curls in the hair in a few minutes. The Caruso steam rollers can be used by people of all races and on all hair types or textures.

I bought my Caruso Steam Rollers about a year ago and the first time I used them, unfortunately, my hair didn’t come out the way I expected it to. this could have been as a result of the hair being too damp when I initially tried them or possibly because I used too much hair, who knows.

Anyway, yesterday, while trawling through Youtube and watching a few videos, I decided to look up ‘caruso steam rollers’ and came across this very interesting and informative video on how to use the Caruso steam roller system, so I thought I would post it here. I have watched the video a few times and will be trying my Caruso steam rollers again soon courtesy of this Youtube poster, yasjencon. You can watch the video, which is a little further down in the post.

They can be used for hair that has been straightened, I have tried using them on my relaxed hair with new growth and it came out very bouncy and curly, however, I had to use a curling tong or flat iron for my roots as I had new growth.

I ordered my Caruso Steam Rollers online from the USA after unsuccesfully trying to look for them in the UK before I bought them, they are sold mainly in the USA and mine came with a two pin plug, so I had to buy a two pin plug adapter in order to be able to use it here, but that was not a major problem as you can also buy these online. I have added pictures below.

As the Caruso molecular system uses water, I would recommend using distilled water in order to stop it from getting ruined with tap water, which contains calcium and will ruin the steamer.

My Caruso Steam Curlers

(It came with a two pin plug from America, you can always buy a two pin plug adapter US to UK, which converts the plug to a three pin – This particular model can be used on foreign currents, so I did not have to worry about buying a voltage converter)

Caruso Molecular Steamer
(You add the water at the back – distilled water is best so the steamer will not get furred up with calcium and ruined – can you see the calcium marks at the front? The first time I used it I put tap water inside because I did not have any distilled water. You can buy distilled water from the petrol station, it’s quite cheap)

Youtube video: How to use Caruso Steam Rollers for your Hair
Video by yasjencon
Update – 26 July 2008
I used my steam rollers last week as I wanted to give my hair a break from my curling tong (I use my curling tongs nearly everyday) and they worked quite well, the only thing is, I couldn’t find my end papers (I haven’t used them in years, so I don’t know where they are), the top of my hair came out really nice and smooth with bouncy curls, but the ends were all frizzed up in some areas, my hair does not usually frizz on the ends, so if you have relaxed hair etc, I would certainly recommend using those end papers. I also noticed that the areas where I put some oil moisturiser, in this case Keracare oil moisturiser with jojoba oil, there was no frizz, although I did not put it all over because I thought it would stop the hair from curling. It actually helped to keep the hair nice and shiny and not greasy in the areas where I applied it, the areas that had no moisturiser applied came out a little frizzy.

After taking the curlers out of my hair, it felt damp, but surprisingly it stayed curly, I was quite impressed. I will be using them from time to time.

You can get a little booklet looking pack of end papers for around 99p if you are UK based.

Clairol Lock’n Roll Heated Hair Rollers for Bouncy Curls and Waves in minutes

Some time ago, I bought the Clairol Lock n Roll heated hair rollers. I was looking for some hair rods called Papillotten, which I used to use as a teenager, but came across the Clairol heated rollers online. I had heard of them some years ago and decided to give them a try.

The Clairol heated hair curlers come in an enclosed box-like unit or case with a transparent lid. There are a total of 24 curlers, which consist of 20 large green rollers or curlers and 4 smaller red ones, which you can use for hairs at the front hairline or for shorter hairs at the nape of your neck. They remind me of those little ice cream glasses and have a soft stretchy jelly-like feeling, quite similar to jelly sweets, in my opinion.

Clairol Lock n Roll Hair Curlers Open

Clairol Lock n Roll Hair Curlers folded over

Clairol Application of Curlers to the hair

They take about 20-30 minutes to fully heat up, but if you are in a rush, you can start using the curlers after about 7 minutes, at which point they are ready to wind around blow dried or air-dried hair. It doesn’t take much effort to use them and they easily wind around the hair and then you just turn the curlers inside out and it stays in place. You can leave the curlers in the hair for about 5-10 minutes or longer if you are not in a hurry. To remove the curlers, you just lift the curlers back into their original position, unwind it from the hair and the curls or waves are set in place. They are extremely easy to use and give even the flattest hair some body and lift. After using them a number of times, I noticed that they help to totally eliminate frizz on the ends of my hair, so I personally think they are great. Also, as you are not using direct heat on the hair, your will not feel dry or damaged.

Clairol Lock n Roll Curlers in case

The only downside to using these curlers is that if you are in a major rush, as I am sometimes, then a curling tong is probably faster if you want some extremely quick curls, but overall I think this is a really great invention for the hair for soft bouncy curls.

Avent Niplette – A Cure for Flat or Inverted Nipples

The Avent Niplette is a device invented by a UK plastic surgeon to provide a permanent cure for inverted or flat nipples. This ingenious device totally bypasses the need for invasive and expensive inverted nipple surgery, usually used to cure flat nipples. It is a medically proven device that can be used before pregnancy to cure flat nipples and therefore enhance breast feeding as it makes it easier for the baby to latch on easily. It works through gentle suction of the nipple into a plastic thimble-like cup. After approximately a month (depends on the individual), the nipple remains permanently erect.

The Avent Niplette can be worn under a loosely worn bra or clothing everyday until the nipple has been fully cured. It can be used to cure flat or inverted nipples in both men and women.

I have personally used this product and I think it is excellent. It is also very easy to use. It started to work after about 4-5 weeks with the nipples outward and permanently everted. I wore it under a comfortable loose bra throughout the day and also at night.


Avent Niplette – Syringe and thimble like cup


Avent niplette equipment


How do you use it?

The Avent Niplette arrives in its packaging with:

2 x niplettes (you can also buy a pack that contains only one)
2 x disposable breast pads
2 x syringes
1 x information leaflet and instructions

Once the niplette has been applied to the flattened or inverted nipple, suction is applied through the attached syringe, which pulls out the flattened nipple into the thimble-like cup. Applying a little baby lotion, cream or oil helps to improve suction and prevent chaffing or soreness of the nipples. It is extremely easy to use and can be worn day and night and can be washed in warm soapy water to maintain hygiene.

When is it not suitable to use the niplette?

The Avent Niplette should not be used in the last two months of pregnancy.