Take a close look at your computer keyboard and you’ll probably find it surprising to see that the keyboard is covered with dust, a few biscuit crumbs and other foods stuck in between the keys as well as other stains stuck on the keyboard.
Not only do we eat over our computer keyboards, but we also cough, sneeze, comb and brush our hair near it too. Also, remember that hands can harbour bacteria, therefore, if you use your computer keyboard without washing your hands, bacteria can be transferred in this way. Then you have bacteria that is naturally floating around in the air….

So, it’s not surprising that computer keyboards are teaming with bacteria that can make us ill.

Keeping your keyboard clean and germ-free

It’s actually quite easy to clean up your keyboard, and a few of the handy and cheap things (well, when I say cheap, these are things that we usually have around the house) you can use to keep your computer keyboard clean are cotton bud/swabs, a Vacuum cleaner/Hoover, some rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit, which you can buy at any chemist or supermarket.

  • Use the small brush or hose attachments supplied with your vacuum cleaner/Hoover to suck out any dust or food crumbs that have become lodged under and between the keyboard keys.
  • Using the cotton swabs and a little of the spirit or rubbing alcohol, which you can buy from a chemist or pharmacy to clean between the keys of the keyboard. The spirit or alcohol will help to disinfect your keyboard, keeping it not only looking clean and new, but germ-free as well.
Rubbing alcohol with wintergreen
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Other suggestions that have been made for cleaning computer keyboards are canned air, I have seen these and some have disinfectant incorporated in them to kill bacteria and viruses lurking on your keyboard. It is also good for blowing out any crumbs, food, dust and other ‘gremlins’ hiding under your computer keyboard.

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