Update October 2010: The Mary Kay Timewise even complexion essence is a product I used for about two years. I think I first started using it in 2007. It worked well while I was using it, haven’t used it in about a year. Unfortunately, I got fed up of not being able to buy these products in a shop, among other things that I am generally dissatisfied with concerning that company.

The Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence according to the packaging is designed to “visibly correct skin’s imperfections, reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone.”

After using this product for the first time today, there are white flakes all over my face. I suppose this signifies that I have some dead skin on my face, so it appears to be working. I will use it everyday but not in the morning as the packaging states. I have washed my face once again and reapplied the Timewise Even Complexion Essence and I can still see some light flaking but not as prominent as the first application. I will be using it at night and hopefully it works. I currently have an area of hyperpigmentation on my forehead so I’ll report back on any improvements. This product is designed for dry to oily skin, so all skin types. 1 fl oz/29ml size.

Update: 29 December 2007

Throughout the summer I used this skin care product to avoid uneven and blotchy skin, sometimes I get uneven skintone on the left side of my forehead. You can use the Mary Kay Timewise Complexion Essence under a moisturiser in the day time or under your moisturiser at night after you have cleansed or washed your face.

Initially, my skin was flaking very badly and I was using it only at night time. Once the flaking had subsided, I started to use it in the day time under my moisturiser.

This product evens out your skin tone, so if you have discolouration or uneven or two-toned skin, this product will help to smooth your skin, even out your complexion and make it more radiant. It is not a skin bleaching or skin whitening product.

How do you apply the Mary Kay Timewise Even Complexion Essence?

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Use a Toner
  3. Apply Even Complexion Essence
  4. Apply your normal moisturiser (I have oily skin so I use the Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion over it or I just use the Even Complexion Essence by itself)

In the summertime, I was using it with the oil control lotion and then applying foundation and powder over it, only once the flaking had stopped, of course.

My skin did not react in the sun, I was using the Even Complexion Essence both morning and night, once the initial flaking had stopped.

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